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1 October 2008

Wednesday Blast

Hello NFL Fans,

Once again it is time to blast your problems away on hump day. For those of you that do not know how this works, here it is. You let me know what is bothering you, football wise, since I am not a therapist. I post it on my weekly article and hopefully help relieve the stress in your life. I have received even more feedback since the last two Blasts. You guys are giving me great ammo to continue putting your opinions out there.

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Posted by Luis Duran | 2 comments

26 September 2008

So far in this experiment we have one bet open pending tonight outcome of UCONN vs Louv.  We used 10 units on that bet so we are down to 90.

This weekend I would like to see if teasers are really a suckers bet or not.  I feel bookies are really good at what they do.  They usually know exactly where the line should be, thus by getting 6 or 7 points more you are using the handy cappers knowledge against him by giving youself a buffer. I have 3 4 team teasers for Saturday games. Lets see how they do.

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Posted by Kevin Morten | 1 comment

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